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For many small businesses, Bookkeeping is usually the last thing they think about when running a business, but it can make or break your business. There is many bookkeeping software out there but not all are created equally; some focus on just keeping up with your invoice’s others with invoice plus bills. Two of my favorite Accounting software is QuickBooks and Sage, but Sage is for large corporations and is expensive if you are just starting out. QuickBooks is great but you still need to have a basic understanding about Accounting; does a transaction gets applied as and expense or as owner withdraw (there is a difference).


A Bookkeeper is not just a person that allocates your transaction to the proper table. That individual is also creating a business relationship with you and will be in constant communication, so it is especially important that you can trust that individual as well.

Here in Serrano's Tax and Bookkeeping Service our business is your business

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